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Sheryl Taylor has been a hero to many. She assisted travelers trapped in Cairo by the Arab Spring: a slew of sometimes-violent protests and demonstrations across the Middle East and North Africa. When she returns home, though, she finds no hero’s welcome. Instead, she teeters on the edge of despair and bankruptcy, all thanks to one man who would have her destroyed.

Dr. Sterling Jackson is a master at deception. For more than a few years, Sheryl has been his romantic attachment and his financial investor. It is thanks to him that she faces foreclosure. Even worse, a secret life—radically different from her public persona—might soon be exposed. It seems she has nothing left to live for, which is why Sheryl now contemplates suicide.

Somehow, in spite of her struggles, Sheryl’s will remains strong. To live or die becomes a daily preoccupation—unless Sterling makes the decision for her. With Sheryl going against him, he needs to silence her forever. He can’t let the world know he’s a cunning con man with an eye for unwary ladies. Will Sheryl find a way to escape her desperate circumstance, or will she give in to the doctor’s lethal resolve?

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