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2019 is off to a fast start! In the wake of two December book signings and another in January, now comes the kickoff to the TV Ad Campaign for my novel, Heartstrings in B-flat Minor. Starting January 21st, twenty-two 30-second TV Ads will be aired on seven major cable networks.

Not so coincidentally, the TV commercials also feature my latest VO and On-Camera performances. The book trailer used in the ad can be found under the MEDIA tab, along with additional information about the ad campaign. A variety of video trailers for “Heartstrings” are at YOUTUBE.

See MEDIA or ART GALLERY for the Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Review of Heartstrings in B-flat Minor. For purchase information see BOOKS!

Not to be forgotten – if you’re here for my Voiceover Demo Reel, that’s easy enough to find under DEMO. It was nominated as a Finalist for Outstanding Commercial Demo Reel, Best Male Voice by the Society of Voice Arts & Sciences (SOVAS).

Thank you for stopping by with your varied interests. Let me know if I can be of help.

~ Scott