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Welcome, lots going on these days starting with my Silver Screen Debut. Exciting stuff.

Friday (the 13th!) of September through October 11th, 2019, my novel’s Book Trailer will be shown at the Wilmette Theatre, Wilmette, IL. That’s 2-screens every day, every show!

Earlier in 2019 a shortened version of the trailer ran as a TV Spot on 7 Cable Networks.

The trailer and commercial are for my novel, Heartstrings in B-flat Minor. For more on what Clarion Review calls “A Grimy Gem” visit And I thank you for that.

Not to be forgotten – if you’re here for my Voiceover Demo Reel, that’s easy enough to find under DEMO. It was nominated as a Finalist for Outstanding Commercial Demo Reel, Best Male Voice by the Society of Voice Arts & Sciences (SOVAS).

I appreciate your stopping by with your varied interests. Let me know if I can be of help.

~ Scott